"Thank you again for all your help; your patience, your listening skills and encouragement enabled me to become clearer about my own purpose and possibilities.  Applying this to my business has re-energised us and refined our “mission” so that it now has real meaning. I’m sure that the work we did over the last few weeks played a significant part in my team creating a business plan which for the first time left us more motivated at the end of the process than at the beginning!"

Martin, Business Owner, Hampshire

“We host a number of interactive Breakfast Forums in Southampton and Bournemouth, and Donna has been kind enough to be one of our guest speakers, leading a captivating and engaging session exploring the Power of Authentic Leadership.

The feedback from the Forum at which Donna spoke was extremely positive, with over half of attendees admitting to considerably adjusting their professional approach as a result of the session.

We are very grateful for Donna’s knowledge and expertise, and have been proud to partner with her at our forums. She is an integral part of what makes our offering so unique, bringing tremendous positivity and energy to our events. We could not recommend Donna highly enough!”

HR Heads, Winchester, Hampshire

"I worked with Donna to help define my role within a large team. This work included sessions on my values and motivations, as well as understanding how the dynamics in my workplace were playing out. By applying what was discussed in the sessions, I achieved the promotion I was looking for. I would highly recommend Donna as a Coach and her positive but thoughtful approach to coaching."

Jack, Senior Project Manager, Hampshire

"Coaching with Donna was a transformative experience, her enthusiasm, insight and knowledge were a much needed motivation. Before I met Donna my confidence and career direction were in great turmoil, however during my coaching sessions Donna helped me re-gain my sureness and inspired me to explore my future career options with greater clarity.”

Stephen, Engineer, Hampshire

"Donna has shown me how to believe in myself and introduced me to mindset models that have helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone."

Claire, Marketing Manager, Hampshire

“This is something for everyone, as we could all do with being happier, more confident and focussed! I strongly recommend you speak to Donna today."

Paul, Managing Director, London 

 "The dynamism of Judi & Donna was really impactful, helping us find the answers to becoming an authentic and confident public speaker”

Celine, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee

“A refreshingly different approach to coaching and training”

Tim, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee

“A really fun, insightful day, bringing my uni demons into awareness and helping me to change the story in my head about standing up and delivering!”

Peter, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee

“A fun, informative day, with the option to practice ‘sharing experiences’ in a supportive environment. Thank you!”

Nicola, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee

"Donna and Judi delivered a practical and inspiring, thought provoking and engaging day. I'm leaving with new ambition and a new outlook towards public speaking."

Shirley, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee  

"Thank you Judi and Donna for always pushing me outside of my comfort zone! It's been a great day with like minded people and to be encouraged to reach my full potential"

Samantha, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee  

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt like I achieved a lot. Thank you."

LS, Hampshire - Authentic Impact Attendee  

“Donna made me feel at ease from the start and I found it so easy to talk to her. Donna helped me realise why I feel anxious in certain situations and it's in that moment I started to see it as less of a problem and more a case of learning the right techniques to help me through. Donna is an amazing person and helps you see the best in yourself. I'm really happy I found her.”

Amy, Health & Wellbeing Manager, Hampshire   

“By investing in coaching sessions with Donna I now have clarity around what I want to achieve in my career. Donna gives you the tools - or makes you realise that you already have the tools - to succeed. I am now prioritising and making real progress towards my ultimate goals."

Joanne, Solicitor, Hampshire  

“Since beginning coaching with Donna, I feel so much more positive, content and focused on what I want to achieve out of life. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is at a crossroads or looking to get more out of their life."

Claire, Financial Services, Hampshire  

“From the first meeting I was truly amazed at Donna's ability to zero in and guide me in bringing out the core issue every single time. Within a few sessions with Donna I have become a different person. I am truly grateful to Donna for all she has helped me with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

John, IT Manager, London  

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