About Me

As a professional coach with over 8 years experience in coaching individuals and teams to reach their full potential, my approach is personal, discrete and effective.

I empower go-getting individuals to elevate their careers and their lives, supporting them to achieve their goals through effective coaching & training experiences.

I work with ambitious businesses to motivate teams and foster productivity & potential, enhancing workplace dynamics and fueling business growth.

It would be a pleasure to support you with your goals too.

Work with me

As a highly experienced Coach, Trainer and Speaker there are a number of ways we can work together.

Looking to enhance your career? Super - I can help you to achieve your true potential by gaining clarity around the type of career you want, create a plan of action to get you there, and give you the mindset you need to feel unstoppable.

Looking to create more cohesion and motivation in your team? Great - I will become your team potential partner, and design impactful solutions that help your people, and your business, to thrive.

Seeking a Speaker for an upcoming event? Fantastic - let’s work together to build the perfect keynote or seminar that'll leave your attendees feeling informed and inspired.

My 'A Game' Model

Over the years I have seen my clients transform into the best version of themselves by developing new ways of thinking and behaving.

Seeing that there was a pattern emerging as to which habits helped people to achieve their true potential, I combined these - what I call 'game changing' - behaviours to create the A Game Model.

The A Game Model continues to be at the foundation of my unique approach to coaching today.

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If you would like to find out more about Coaching please get in touch.

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